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Last day of our fundraiser for Random Acts, and Misha Collins’ Birthday! What could be a better gift?


I know I’ve said this once already today, but this is the LAST DAY we are accepting Donations for our Fundraiser for Random Acts!

Why is this Relevant to Misha’s Birthday? Because everyone who donates gets their name and a message of their choice in a card that will be given to him This Saturday at Vancon, Vancouver’s Supernatural Convention, at his panel. That, With /all/ of the funds we’ve raised together for his charity! What better present could there be, honestly? You can tell him what he means to you, Wish him a happy birthday, Ramble anything you like really! So long as it’ll fit in our card, you get it in there! With the name of your choice, or if the donation is on behalf of you and a friend, or perhaps your entire family, we’d be happy to oblige! We just want to spread the love!

Misha is an amazing man, there is no denying it. Whether he is trolling us lovingly, taking the time out to make the fans have a better experience at a con, or traveling all the way to HAITI to help people who are in dire need; This man does it all. He said that the people who inspire him are those who lead by example, well, he’s my example and I know he’s quite a few of yours as well. I want to prove what a bunch of fans together can do, to do good not only in his name but for all those great people who /deserve/ the support they get through the group that he helped create.

If you can’t donate, a reblog is greatly appreciated! But if you can, even a dollar or two helps more than you know! Takes a raindrop to raise the sea, right? I think so, too. If everyone who saw this message donated a dollar, imagine how far we’d get! We’re almost to $1000 now, I want us to make a big push to at least $1,250 or $1,500 by the end of the night. Hell, I may even push the deadline back to noon tomorrow if we have to! This is not only for a great cause, but it’s for Misha guys. After everything he’s done, I know I’m proud for how much we’re giving back! Let’s make it as big as we can!

If you’re able, you can donate at the link below! Or reblog, or tell your friends! It’s our last day, let’s push to make this the best damned Fundraiser we can and show Misha how much we love and appreciate him! (And make some less fortunate people a hell of a lot more secure and happier while we do it!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all those interested we’ll be trying to get a copy of us giving it to him on film for Youtube soon as we can once the con is over! I can’t wait to see his face.

Hats 4 Haiti: Random Hats: Hats 4 Haiti.


Hello everyone! We’ve posted around a little bit about our project before, but after some hard work we’ve gotten the effort moving, and I thought it deserved it’s own post!

As some of you know, Hats 4 Haiti is a Project we’ve started to raise money for Random Acts, Misha Collin’s charity, and…

So, I heard minions are raising money for Misha’s cause on Tumblr. I want to help too, in my own way.


If I find out where I may donate a bit to it. But that’s not all I want to do, I wanna do something special… So I’m considering something.

Not many people know me, but I make hats basically for a living (Or will be for a living eventually, in the mean time it’s been extra income to keep my mom and I off the streets while we went through financial trouble.) and sell them through my Deviantart account ( ). Well, I saved up enough money to be able to go to VanCon in August and I’ve been doing some hard thinking… I’d really like to make a difference. I’ve been stuck in bed for a few years now really with my Crohns Disease, And now that I’m starting to go back into Remission and I get to go to see these amazing people this summer no less as my first real outing, I want to come out with a bang!

So, This is my idea; I want to make some Supernatural inspired hats, and Auction them off for Charity. Everyone who donates will get their name on a card, Along with a personal message of their choice for Misha. When I go to the Con in August and I go up for my Autograph, I’m going to personally hand it to him, An envelope filled with all the proceeds that I collect for his Causes. I’m going to tell him what an inspiration he is to all of us, What an amazing person he is, and thank him for everything he’s done for not only us but all those people he goes out of his way to help. I want to make this happen, I want to see him smile, and I want us to make a difference for people who need it.

Now, I can’t do this alone! Nor do I want to, And even if you can’t personally bid on these hats once I’ve created them, I want everyone to get involved! So I’m propositioning the following, and sending out a signal flare! I want your help coming up with Supernatural themed hat designs for my Auctions! Keep in mind that they will be made from fleece, but the sky is the limit! They can be intricate, to simple and clean, but they must be supernatural inspired! I preffer hats with earflaps when I’m crafting hats, so if you can incorporate those into your designs that’d be awesome! Castiel hats, MOOSE hats, Impala hats! GO WILD, PEOPLE! Please send any image drafts up of your ideas to my ask box, and they’ll be considered! Heck, I might make most of them in the end! My goal is at LEAST $1000, We’ll see what we can do!

Come on Minions, lets band together! Send me your creative ideas! Let’s make this happen! If you don’t have any ideas, even a simple reblog would be amazing! I appreciate everything guys, and I’m sure Misha and all those folks he and his foundation help will too. <3

Update, is teaming up to help raise double the funds! Not only will DracoPotter be making hats, but Heir will be selling/auctioning minion hats for the cause as well!

Stay tuned.

{ Have some AU Sabriel, And an Angst Sabriel picture. I’ll get some questions up shortly! Been busy lately. <3 }

Lock eyes, from accross the room.
Down my drink while the women swoon.
Take your hand, Let’s skip the credits.
No need to speak, just shhh, I get it.
Make our way on down the lot,
Motel sign blinks, Moose is hot.
Move in Close, Thinkin’ Damn I’m fly.
Our bodies touch, The other angels cry. (Jealous Much? :J)
Left my place, let’s go to yours.
Our lips touch, just slammed the door.
A whole night’s what I’ve got in store,
Whisper in my ear that Dean’s not home,

Jizz. In. my pants.

This really never happens, take me at my word
I won’t appologize, Who you take me for?
Mainly your fault, from that shake of your ass

Hands in moose’s pants. >:D

Don’t tell my bro, I’ll zap your mouth shut.
Plus it’s your fault, I’m not rubbing YOUR butt.
I’m very sensitive, I’d call that a plus.

…I’ll… just go ahead and change.

Out of some things, at the Grocery
Do things with Cas now mostly.
Don’t get heart broken or look for love,
Suprise in my eyes when I looked above,
Check out counter chick winking right at my face,
But Cas just invaded my personal space,
Never felt I’d ever blink away again,
But that Plushie in his hand, He says it needs a friend.
He turned to me, that’s when He said it
Looked me dead in the face, “Dean, I don’t get it”


Nah, perfectly normal, Nothing wrong with me!
Those blue eyes have no effect on me.
Now let me just try and.. find my wallet..


To be fair, he’s friggin’ hot!
Heh, No, just kidding, I like boobs a whole lot.
Please stop acting like you got me pegged,
Mind if Rainbow slinky gets his own bag?

Last week— I made a film.
As I recall, it was an /awesome/ film.
Girls makin out, That’s when you rang.
Heard your prayers, the heavens sang and I

Jizzed. In. My pants.

Speeding down the street, Baby’s makin’ a dash.
Need to get to Sam, gonna haul some ass.
Hear wings flap, you’re next to me…

Jizzed in my.. Nn..

Tellin’ you what your heart meeeant~

Rrnnngh DAMNIT.

Writing sigils down in blood on the walls and I


Everybody dies, you’re watching supernatural.


I just ate some pie and I

Grrrghh— nrgh.

I went to—

Bow Chicka Wow Wow~
Dean: Seriously, Dude.
Gabriel: What?
Dean: Can we? Okay?
Gabriel: FINE.

Gabriel: I jizz right in these pants everytime you’re next to me,
Dean: I.. ffff.. I’m not even gonna bother.
Gabriel: And when you’re killin’ junk, it’s like having sex to me.
Dean: No, you.. You by all means, keep going, it’s fine.
Gabriel: You say I’m immature, I call it Friggin’ hillarity. :D
Dean: It’s my line, isn’t it? ..Crap. :|
Dean: I’d wear a rubber but, you’d just sit and stare at me.
Gabriel: Ah! DEAN, You /Suck/!

{My lyrics are better than my voice, I’m so sorry. xD}
{Oh, and PS, I’m only one person. Who has a pitch changer thingy. I promise. :P}

Nailed it.

Dear god, let Gabriel stop making music. Please.(A side of Destiel, with that Sabriel, sir! Free of charge.ComingSoon&lt;3)

Dear god, let Gabriel stop making music. Please.
(A side of Destiel, with that Sabriel, sir! Free of charge.

Who needs a life? That guy.
My Contribution to Sabriel week, I’m so sorry. I might reupload with doodles later, but I wanted it to be up in time. <3

Talk to Pagans ( like a boss. )
Approve virgins ( like a boss. )
Lead an orgy ( Hells yeah. )
Remember birthdays ( Shut up, Sam. )
Direct heaven ( like a boss. )
My own bathroom ( like a boss. )
Micro manage ( Get bitches! )
Promote synergy ( still gettin’ bitches! )
Hit on Sammy ( Come on, Moose! )
Get rejected ( >:| Mmmm. )
Swallow sadness ( like a boss. )
Kill off Dean ( like a boss. )
Call a sex line ( like a boss. )
Cry deeply ( like a boss. )
Demand a Cream Puff ( like a boss. )
Eat a salad ( WHY SAM!? )
Harassment lawsuit ( It wasn’t me! )
No more buddy ( I miss my dog! )
Fifth of vodka ( like a boss. )
Watch some sitcoms ( like a boss. )
Watch Sam changing. (Aaaw yeah.)
Empty Room ( Epic Sadness.. D:)

-Insert Creys for his Dog-

Get more bitches ( Gettin’ old. )
Watch that moose. ( Sigh. )
Jump out the window ( Getting bored. )
Do more explicit things. ( like a boss. )
Score some coke ( like a boss. )
Smite more jerks ( like a boss. )
Sex myself up ( I love me. )
Eat a Sammich ( like a boss. )
Chop my balls off ( like a boss. )
Just kidding! ( HAH, I GOT YOU! )
Meet a giant Horse ( No, seriously. )
Sex him good ( Not even kidding. )
Birth it’s kid ( Check the lore. )
Get Handy ( Makin’ awesome puns. )
Standin’ up for once ( Frickin’ Luci. )
Now I’m dead ( Happy, Dad? )

Youtube Track and Doodles coming soon.Like a BOSS.B|

Youtube Track and Doodles coming soon.
Like a BOSS.

Alcohol and Tissues. I&#8217;m prepared.

Alcohol and Tissues. I’m prepared.